Professional Team

Dr. Theoharis C.Theoharides, President and CEO

Dr. Theoharis Theoharides is the Director of the Molecular Immunopharmacology and Drug Discovery Laboratory, as well as a Professor of Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Internal Medicine at Tufts University, Boston, MA. He is a member of 17 scientific societies and has published over 270 research papers and 2 textbooks. Dr. Theoharides is much more that just an eminent physician and pharmacologist; he goes a step further in posing new theories and defining the cutting edge of mast cell research. He was the first to show that mast cells can be stimulated by non-allergic triggers, such as stress hormones, to secrete inflammatory mediators selectively without histamine. Based on his discoveries, Dr. Theoharides proposed the novel concept that mast cells play a critical role in brain inflammation, cancer metastases and autism. Dr. Theoharides extends his expertise beyond theory into practical options and offers hope for patients with diseases that, to date, have defied treatment.